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A Detailed Look at the Stages of Mesothelioma
Like many other cancers, doctors use a method of staging to determine the extent of disease when dealing with any of the four types of mesothelioma. A standard staging system, referred to in short as TNM, has doctors look at specifics of the tumor, the lymph nodes, and any metastasizing of the disease. Because staging can influence prognosis and treatment, it is a valuable tool for both patients and doctors.

Stage I of Mesothelioma
This first stage of the disease refers to the least invasive form of the cancer. It usually means that the cancer is small in size, contained in the area, and not outwardly symptomatic. However, because there are usually no symptoms, it is rare for mesothelioma to be diagnosed at this stage. The prolonged latency of the disease also contributes to this issue. Individuals who have a known history of exposure to asbestos can and should proactively have routine exams to look for even the slightest signs of mesothelioma. For those patients fortunate enough to receive the diagnosis at stage I, the prognosis is much better.

Mesothelioma Lawyer San Antonio TX

Treatment methods can be aggressive and are usually more effective. Combinations of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation can be used to attack the cancer cells, often beginning with the surgical options. This translates into a much longer life expectancy than mesothelioma at more advanced stages, up to 35 months in many patients.

Stage II of Mesothelioma
When a patient receives the diagnosis of stage II mesothelioma it means that the cancer is still most likely in the same region of original site, but that it has started to spread in size and location, particularly to the lymph nodes. 

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Stage II is when the first symptoms might really be noticed in patients, but this is still not true for all those with mesothelioma. The symptoms would be mild, if any, but are the first sign a person might have that something is wrong. Treatment options are still good at this point, especially in regards to surgical procedures to remove lymph nodes and affected tissue.

Stage III of Mesothelioma
By the time an individual is diagnosed and receives a staging of III, this means that the mesothelioma is in advanced stages and the cancer has grown and spread. Often the treatment options at this point are more limited and focus more on palliative care efforts to relieve pain and pressure, rather than on curative measures. The symptoms a person might experience would be mild to moderate pain, and the life expectancy would be greatly reduced from that of an individual with stage I of mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma Lawyer San Antonio TX

Stage IV of Mesothelioma
This is the final stage of the disease and the treatment options are infinitely fewer. Any that are pursued are done to relieve painful symptoms of the cancer. Stage IV generally means that the cancer has spread to other locations in the body, so the symptoms might be spread out and more severe. The life expectancy for those with stage IV mesothelioma is less than 7 months from the time of diagnosis.

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