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Mesothelioma: Finding Hope In Difficult Times

    Many who receive a diagnosis of mesothelioma find themselves feeling hopeless due to a variety of reasons, particularly the aggressive nature of the cancer. This is understandable, but finding hope can make for greatly improved outcomes and quality of life. Hope for mesothelioma comes from the aggressive treatments available, methods of soothing symptoms, and gaining knowledge about the illness.

    Even if mesothelioma seems to be a dire illness, hope exists due to the existence of treatments. The primary avenue of treatment that most doctors run with for mesothelioma is surgery to attempt to remove the bulk of the tumor, and it's success rate depends greatly on the spread of the cancer. Surgery can do a lot to treat mesothelioma, but dependent on it's spread, surgical options will need to be augmented. Surgery can be augmented with radiation or chemotherapy, both of which can help to kill cancer cells and make removal of the tumor easier. Radiation can also be used after surgery to reduce the likelihood of return. 

Mesothelioma Lawyer San Antonio TX
    Before surgery, or in the face of mesothelioma that doesn't respond well to treatment, there can still be hope for more comfort, in the form of alternative medicine and clinical trials. Alternative medicine can soothe symptoms, but it hasn't been proven capable of curing or reversing mesothelioma. Symptoms can be soothed through breathing exercises, acupuncture and possibly other methods. Lastly, clinical trials can offer a great hope for treatment through cutting edge medicine, but come with a fair amount of risk, and no guarantees of recovery.

    Without understanding of the illness, mesothelioma can be a far more bleak diagnosis, so with knowledge comes hope. Knowledge of mesothelioma can come in a number of forms, and the first source most patients can go to is their doctor. No individual doctor can know everything about mesothelioma, so the next step is looking into mesothelioma online or in reference books. Sometimes learning more about mesothelioma can reveal disturbing facts about the illness, and accepting them at first will be difficult. However, without the knowledge of the illness, a person can never confront and accept their chances. Knowledge is power, even if it's terrifying.

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    This article showed that there is hope even in the darkest days of mesothelioma, that hope comes in the form of treatment, symptom management, and knowledge. Treatment comes in the form of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Symptoms can be soothed with alternative medicine, and extra hope can be found in clinical trials. Lastly, by gaining knowledge into mesothelioma, a patient can learn to accept their prognosis and live with a belief that recovery is possible.

Possible Asbestos Exposure Sites:

  •  Austin White Mine Company
  • Southwestern Insane Asylum
  • Bank Building
  • Lon C. Hill Power Plant
  • Peter Paul Inc.
  • Upjohn Chemical Plant
  • Littlefield Building
  • Olin Mathieson Chemical
  • Gulf Refining Company
  • Texas Power & Light
  • San Antonio Machine and Supply Company
  • American Oil Company
  • Tower Motel
  • Trespalacios Rice and Irrgtn Company
  • Chevron Usa, Inc.
  • George Bellows
  • Fleming and Sons Inc
  • Wood Preserving Div Koppers Company Inc
  • John Marshall High School
  • San Marcos
  • Methodist Hospital Plaza
  • Collins Radio
  • Bluebonnet Ordnance Plant
  • Luwter Inc.
  • Ward Building
  • Gulfport Shipyard
  • Winsor Village

Mesothelioma Lawyer San Antonio TX
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