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Mesothelioma: Coping with the side effects of treatment

    They say the treatment is worse than the disease, and in the past that may have been true. Recent medical advances have made the harsh treatments for mesothelioma at least effective in some circumstances, and arguably worth following through with in most cases. Treatment for mesothelioma is quite harsh through, usually involving multiple modes of treatment. This article goes into each major mode, starting with radiation and side effects that spur from it. Next, it moves to a discussion of chemotherapy, why it's used, side effects, and coping with them. Lastly, it discusses how surgery is used to treat mesothelioma. 

Mesothelioma Lawyer Plano TX

    Radiation treatment is used for treatment of many cases of mesothelioma, and while it can be effective at shrinking tumors, it comes with unpleasant side effects. The purpose of radiation therapy is to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells, either before surgery, or after. When it's used after surgery, the purpose is to prevent relapse of cancer growth. Radiation treatment involves fairly short bursts of high energy radiation, and comes with side effects including nausea, damage to the skin, hair loss, fatigue, and in rare cases, new cancer development. Dealing with these side effects can be difficult, but luckily some will stop shortly after cessation of treatment, but things like adjusting schedules to deal with fatigue, wearing a wig, and eating gentle foods can help a lot.

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    Like radiation therapy, chemotherapy is used on patients who are undergoing mesothelioma treatments in order to kill cancer cells, but comes with some side effects.  Chemotherapy is used in order to kill cancer cells, sometimes on it's own, and in other circumstances shortly after or before cancer surgeries. By reducing the size of tumors, patients symptoms can be improved. Chemotherapy is hard on the body, causing nausea, vomiting, hair loss, and fatigue. Just like radiation therapy, lifestyle adjustments can make these symptoms more liveable, but will not make them go away.

    Mesothelioma often calls for surgery with the hope of removing tumors and improving symptoms for patients. While surgery isn't always possible, it's the most effective way to remove tumors and deal with patient side effects. When mesothelioma has spread far in the body, surgery becomes dangerous, and damaging. In some cases, doctors will not operate on advanced mesothelioma, preferring instead to use other methods like radiation or chemotherapy to reduce symptoms. When a patient goes through surgery, one of the hardest parts is taking the time to heal afterwards. 

Mesothelioma Lawyer Plano TX

    In the case of mesothelioma, the treatment is a bit better than the disease, but as this article has shown, the treatments are no walk in the park either. Surgery is used to treat mesothelioma, and in doing so, it leaves patients in a place of needing rest and recuperation. Chemotherapy and radiation are powerful tools for fighting cancer, but do so at the cost of collateral damage to the body, some of which can be alleviated by lifestyle change.

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  • Ltv Electronics Division
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