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Are There Any Other Treatment Options for Mesothelioma?
Once a diagnosis of malignant mesothelioma has been made, the next step is to consider what treatment options are available. The options will depend on many key factors that will affect the overall success and prognosis. These include but are not limited to:

The age and gender of the patient – Patients who are younger than 55 years of age are considered to be better candidates for many treatments. Females tend to have better overall outcomes because of the influence of estrogen over the cancer.

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The type and stage of the disease – The treatment options will vary significantly based upon which of the four types of mesothelioma the patient has. Those types of mesothelioma include pleural (the lungs), peritoneal (the abdomen), pericardial (the heart), and testicular (the testes). Patients with diseases in stages I and II tend to have more favorable reactions to treatments than those in stages III and IV, although treatments in the later stages can greatly reduce the severity of symptoms and bring comfort measures.

The health history of the patient – General overall health contributes to the viability of each treatment option as healthier individuals without other illnesses or a history of smoking tend to respond better to treatment. The history of asbestos exposure also influences both the aggressiveness of the disease and the prognosis with treatment.

Common Treatments for Mesothelioma

Three of the most common treatments for the disease include:

•    Surgery – This is used most commonly in all four types of the disease, sometimes for curative measures and other times for palliative measures.

•    Chemotherapy – This is often used in combination with another therapy, with the goal of killing remaining cancer cells. However, it is not generally considered to be an effective treatment method for pericardial or testicular mesotheliomas.

•    Radiation – Radiation has been used with limited success as a method of preventing reoccurrences of tumor growth in testicular mesothelioma, and occasionally in treatment of affected lung membranes. Radiation, however, is too dangerous to use in many of the instances because of the close proximity of the cancer to vital organs.

Alternative Treatments for Mesothelioma
As researchers continue to study and test treatment options for mesothelioma, new alternative methods are sometimes providing additional relief to patients with the disease.

•    Immunotherapy – This is a method of manipulating the patient’s own immune system and using it to help fight the cancer. There are several different types of immunotherapy being explored, including active, passive, and non-specific immunotherapy. While it is not a curative measure, some instances of slowed growth have been shown in certain populations.

•    Gene Therapy – When asbestos enters the body it can cause damage to the DNA of the individual. With gene therapy, the goal is to find a way to repair that damage. It is still in the very experimental stages, but those patients with pleural mesothelioma are the primary targets of researchers because the lining of the lung is most accessible when compared to the membranes affected in the types of mesothelioma.

•    Acupuncture – This practice has been shown to alleviate some of the painful symptoms associated with mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Nederland TX

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