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Mesothelioma Lawyer Mission TX

Mesothelioma: Incorporating Spirituality Into Care

    Sometimes western medicine fails to incorporate spirituality into care, due a strong focus on the biological side of things. When being treated for a potentially deadly illness like mesothelioma, it can be helpful to be treated as a whole person; body, mind, and spirit. This article looks at why spiritual care can be beneficial for mesothelioma sufferers, some ways to connect spiritually to faith communities, as well as alternative ways to reach spirituality for people who don't identify with a faith or have a secular worldview.

    When all else has failed, in the face of an aggressive illness like mesothelioma, people can find comfort in their faith, and it can have surprising benefits. Facing an illness like mesothelioma takes a lot of control out of a person's hands, and the prognosis can be incredibly grim. Spirituality can provide comfort in grim times, because a big part of spirituality is accepting that individual humans can't control the entire world around them. Many people find peace in their faith or spiritual understanding of the world, and this peace can reduce their stress levels, actually improving outcomes by making the body more resilient

Mesothelioma Lawyer Mission TX

    Traditionally people find their spiritual fulfillment in the faith they were raised in, whether that's an organized religion like Christianity, or some other faith. However, people in well-developed Countries have decreased attendance at their Churches, Mosques, Synagogues and Temples, but that doesn't mean they are unwelcome. Incorporating a chaplain or other religious counsel into a care team can help patients view their journey with mesothelioma through a spiritual lens, leading to greater understanding. Studying scripture or other holy texts may unlock bits of wisdom that are crucial in a patient's journey with their illness, knowledge that may act as a shield against darkness. 

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    There are alternatives to traditional ways of looking at spirituality, which can be beneficial for the religiously unaffiliated struggling in the darkness against mesothelioma. Because of  the growing numbers of religiously unaffiliated, alternative methods of looking at spirituality may be necessary to provide comfort to the secular. Most chaplains in hospital settings are perfectly willing to meet with the secular on their own terms, and can look at the teachings of religion and philosophy with a person to help them find comfort. Secular people can find a sense of spiritual fulfillment in any other way that gives them a sense of peace and wonder, along with helping to accept that they don't have control, such as looking in awe at nature or the cosmos.

    Accepting a lack of control can be one of  the hardest things. Letting go can come easier for people when they see things in perspective, and accept that there are bigger things than them. Letting go can reduce stress, improve resiliency, and help a patient find peace. 

Mesothelioma Lawyer Mission TX

Possible Asbestos Exposure Sites:

  • Lyondell-Citgo
  • Community Hospital
  • Dallas Steam Electric Station
  • Tu Handley Power House
  • Water Resources Building
  • El Paso Power Station
  • Wrb Refining
  • Northwest High School
  • Texas Petroleum Gas Company
  • Jackson Intermediate
  • Exxon
  • Luminant
  • Stauffer Chemical
  • Wilshire Presbyterian Church
  • Nalco Chemical Company
  • Wharton School
  • Bruce Elementary
  • Webberville Facility
  • Covair Plant
  • Mission Pharmacal Company
  • American Manufacturing Company of Texas
  • Gibson Products Company
  • Fannin Junior High
  • Lone Star Brewery
  • Water Light Plant
  • Texas School For The Blind

Mesothelioma Lawyer Mission TX
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