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An Overview of Conventional Mesothelioma Treatments 

    When someone receives a diagnosis like mesothelioma, it can feel hopeless. However, there are methods of treatment, and in treatment, patients are able to find hope. Mesothelioma is conventionally treated in three ways, 1st with surgical options, 2nd with Chemotherapy, and lastly, with radiation therapy. This article goes over these treatment options in brief, and doesn't cover alternative or experimental treatment options. When surgery, chemo, and radiation work together, they can often make serious improvements in outcomes for mesothelioma patients.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Frisco TX

    Surgical options for mesothelioma can drastically improve patient outcomes, and if mesothelioma is found early enough, work on their own. When mesothelioma is caught in early stages, doctors can sometimes surgically remove the cancer fully. Full removal of mesothelioma isn't always possible, but surgery can relieve the suffering of a patient as well. Surgical options include removing fluid from the lungs, removing mass from the cancer, and removing tissue around the lungs. These options can alleviate symptoms without curing the cancer. In extreme cases, removal of a lung may become necessary. Surgery is often combined with radiation, chemotherapy, or both.

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    Chemotherapy is the use of chemicals to aggressively treat mesothelioma by killing the cancer cells. Chemotherapy medications can be applied directly to the area where tumors are growing, or throughout the body, depending on the particular case of mesothelioma. The advantage of applying the chemotherapy drugs directly is  that it reduces the collateral damage of the chemotherapy. Chemotherapy drugs are toxic, and do cause harm to the rest of the body, especially when used systemically. It's important to remember that sometimes chemotherapy will be used before or after a surgical intervention, either to prepare for surgery, or to make the cancer less likely to return.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Frisco TX

    Radiation therapy is another supplemental treatment available for mesothelioma. The therapy works by focusing high-energy radiation on particular areas of the body. This allows doctors to target the areas afflicted by mesothelioma, and attempt to weaken, or kill the cancer cells. Like chemotherapy, radiation therapy is frequently used together with surgical removal of mesothelioma, either to prepare for surgery by shrinking the cancer, or after surgery, to try and limit the spread of the cancer. Like chemotherapy, there can be side-effects to radiation therapy, but by targeting the cancer, doctors do their best to limit the collateral damage.

    When mesothelioma brings despair, there is still hope in the form of treatment. Surgical options form the bulwark of treatment, but unless mesothelioma is caught very early, surgery will need to be supplemented with other options, such as radiation or chemotherapy. With these treatments in tandem, patient outcomes can improve greatly, in spite of the risks involved.
Mesothelioma Lawyer Frisco TX

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