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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Accepting cases on a contingency fee basis which means you don't owe any money unless you win your case.  

How long before I receive any compensation?

Every individual case is different. However, the entire process is usually completed within 10 to 15 months.

Are there any time limits I need to be aware of?

Yes.  Texas has a statute of limitations of 2 years from the date of diagnosis or 2 years from the time of death to file a claim.

I'm a Navy Veteran.  Do you sue the military?

No.  Only going after the corporations that produced the asbestos materials used aboard the ship.  Will not sue the military.

I'm a smoker.  Can I still make a claim?


Will I have to travel or go to court?

No.  You will never be required to appear in court against your wishes.

Will pursing my case affect my pension?


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