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 Mesothelioma: Why? 

    When a loved one is suffering from mesothelioma, it can leave you asking why, and this article attempts to briefly answer that question. Mesothelioma is a cancer, and as such, the basic cause is well understood: the uncontrolled and rapid growth of cancer cells in the mesothelium, which is a protective lining that surrounds the internal organs. Medical science believes that there are a number of risk factors that increase the risk of mesothelioma; including environmental factors such as direct or indirect exposure to asbestos, and possible links to a monkey virus called SV40. This article discusses the mechanisms of cancer, of asbestos exposure, and briefly touches on SV40.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Denton TX

    Mesothelioma, as previously mentioned, is a cancer affecting the lining of internal organs, also known as the mesothelium. As far as cancers go, Mesothelioma is fairly rare, and mainly comes in two forms, pleural (lung), and perotineal(abdominal). When cancer strikes a person, it is the result of mutated cells, which proceed to grow very rapidly, overtaking the normal, functional parts of the body. Modern understanding of most cancers involves a mix of risk factors, including genetics and environment, however with mesothelioma, environmental factors, particularly asbestos, stand out.

    Asbestos exposure is a strong risk factor for the development of mesothelioma, and that exposure doesn't need to be direct.  Asbestos is often used in insulation, and is a mineral itself. People are exposed to it in mining asbestos, or in working with asbestos insulation. Sometimes, a very short exposure, say 2-3 months is all that's needed, while others can be exposed for decades without developing mesothelioma. It's possible for someone to be indirectly exposed to asbestos if fibers are brought in on a loved one's clothing or hair. Because asbestos is a known risk factor for mesothelioma, many workplaces have clear safety guidelines to minimize risk, and some Nations have banned it outright. However, there is one other possible risk factor for some.

Asbestos Lawyer Denton TX

    The last possible risk factor, SV40, is controversial and could require more research, it's a monkey virus that was used in polio vaccines.  The polio vaccine included SV40 from 1955 to 1963, so if a person wasn't amongst those vaccinated from polio in that limited stretch of time, this wouldn't be a risk factor at all. Research indicates a mere link between mesothelioma and SV40, and with the discovery of that link, monkey cells were removed from the polio vaccine. Further study would be needed to see what that link actually means.

    When dealing with an illness like mesothelioma, having some understanding of why it's happening can make the world make more sense. This article briefly introduced the basic causes, and major risk factors of mesothelioma, including the mechanism of cancer, exposure to asbestos, and the possible link between the polio vaccine of 1955-1963 and mesothelioma. Remember, no risk factor alone can predict if mesothelioma will strike.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Denton TX

Below is a list of helpful resources in your area.

Asbestos Exposure Sites

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    Denton, TX 76201

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    3720 S Interstate 35 E
    Denton, TX 76210

    Dr. Ajit Dave
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    3327 Colorado Blvd
    Suite 200
    Denton, TX 76210

    Dr. Ketaki Dave
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    3200 Colorado Blvd
    Suite 101
    Denton, TX 76210

    Dr. Sharad Jain
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    Denton, TX 76210

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    2900 N Interstate 35
    Suite 400
    Denton, TX 76201

    Dr. Michael Spivey
    Medical Oncology
    3720 S Interstate 35 E
    Denton, TX 76210

Possible Exposure Sites

  • San Antonio St. Railway Company
  • Conoco Inc.
  • Northview Park Towers
  • M.B. Smiley
  • Olin Corporation
  • Lalla Odom Elementary School
  • Fitzhugh Lee
  • Trinity Portland Cement
  • Gulf Coast Cement Plant
  • IMC Drilling Mud Inc.
  • Occidental and Oxychem
  • Shannon West Texas Memorial Hospital
  • M.E. Bullock Manufacturing Company
  • Southwestern Portland Cement Company
  • National Oil and Pipe Line Company
  • Celanese Corporation of America
  • Swift Company
  • Texas Company
  • Acme Laundry Company
  • Uvalde Rock & Asphalt Plant
  • Cain Chemical
  • Lubrizol Chemical Plant
  • Sheppard Geiger Company
  • C.O. Wilson Junior High School
  • St. Matthews Methodist
  • Greens Bayou Power Plant
  • Thermco Insulation, Inc.
  • Verson Manufacturing Company
  • Liquid Carbonic

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