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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Mesothelioma or Lung Cancer?  You may be entitled to settlement funds to help pay for medical bills and provide financial security for your family, but you must act quickly.

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Emerging Treatments For Mesothelioma

    Mesothelioma steals lives, time, and hope from people across the world. The standard treatment methods often fail to save lives due to late detection and the aggressiveness of the disease, however hope exists in the form of new treatment methods. New treatments come in the form of drugs, photodynamic therapy, and immunotherapy, and these new techniques offer more tools for fighting this aggressive and malignant illness. This article provides an overview of emerging mesothelioma treatments, with the intent of showing additional options and giving hope.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Allen TX

Pharmaceutical researchers are looking into new drugs that can improve the lives of mesothelioma sufferers, including new uses for old drugs. Platar, a drug that is administered directly into the pleura, or lining around the lungs, has shown mesothelioma remission in a number of cases, overcoming issues with similar medicines. Lovastatin, along with a combination of angiostatin and endostatin have shown promising results, these drugs affect the growth of blood vessels, and seem to inhibit cancer growth. Lastly, there is interferon gamma, which isn’t a new anti-cancer drug, but recent attempts have been made to inject it intra-pleurally, so directly to the cancer growths, in an attempt to minimize side effects.

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Photodynamic therapy has recently been used for the treatment of mesothelioma, and makes use of light to treat the cancer. Photodynamic therapy makes use of special drugs which increase a patient’s sensitivity to light. Ideally, the drugs are targeted in such a way that they increase the sensitivity to light only in afflicted areas. Doctors then shine a laser or UV light onto the area, and with the help of the sensitizing drugs, this should kill some cancer cells, shrinking the size of tumors and improving a patient’s symptoms.

    Immunotherapy is founded on a clever gambit, where the other methods focus on attacking mesothelioma from outside of the body, immunotherapy seeks the opposite. In general, immunotherapy seeks to turn the immune system into a more powerful defense mechanism against cancer. Immunotherapy seeks to convince the immune system to attack the cancer in question, turning the human body into a less than willing host. This is accomplished with things known as monoclonal antibodies, such as interferon.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Allen TX
    Mesothelioma may continue robbing human beings of their lives, but with a combination of new and old techniques, some hope and lives can be saved. Mesothelioma remains an incredibly dangerous illness with a grim prognosis, but the methods in this article provide more options for it’s treatment. With more options comes a greater sense of control, more hope, and hopefully a better outcome for those afflicted with this illness.

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  • Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp
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  • Mid-Tex Generating and Trans Elec Coop Inc
  • Fort Worth Water Works
  • Lakewood Branch Library
  • Westvaco Corp
  • Plains Cotton Company Op
  • Kaiser Engineers For Texas City Ref. Company
  • North Texas Clinic Association
  • Lone Star Ammunition Plant
  • Telstar Apartments
  • Fort Worth
  • Texas Chemical Company
  • US Industrial Chemical
  • Sabine Industries, Inc.
  • Aramark Corp
  • Hunt Tool
  • Houston Ice and Brewing Company
  • Anderson, Clayton and Company
  • Handy Andy Bakery
  • Magnolia Petroleum Company
  • International Minerals & Chemical
  • Hess Terminal
  • Churchill National Bank
  • St. Regis Paper Mill
  • Irving Babbitt
  • Tobin & Rooney
  • Bayport Chemical Plant

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